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Circular mindset

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At, we invest in innovative PropTech and start-ups that share our vision for a circular economy. We focus on conscious innovation and value experimentation as a key driver of knowledge generation. Our goal is to support start-ups that strive to design out waste, dedicated to cradle-to-cradle, and promoting sustainability. We strive to invest in companies that create a more sustainable future for all.

Our Mantra

"We cannot solve our problems with the same mindset that created them"

Albert Einstein


Circular in Nature

The core of believes that knowledge generated from dynamic relationships will create new innovative thinking. Applying a circular mindset can set new standards for sustainable entrepreneurship and finalize the “take-make-dispose”-mentality. We strive to design and implement circular solutions for the benefit of our partners and society.


Conscious innovation

Being mindful and open to the value of expanding has been a priority from the beginning. We strive to be conscious of every complex challenge and improvement. Our core mission is to constantly explore new ways of abstract thinking and support innovations that value the same. By embracing this mindset, we can push beyond traditional boundaries and create truly transformative solutions. 



Experimenting is a means to stay progressive. Our DNA is to evolve continuously and stay curious, taking calculated risks and embracing failures as learning opportunities. We argue that generating new knowledge leads to value creation. We challenge today’s expectations through partnerships, innovation, and new ways of thinking about entrepreneurship.

Investments is a venture company investing in PropTech-related start-ups and entrepreneurship. 

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Meet Our Team

Our team is defined and built by diversity and creativity - Take a look at our profiles! 

Companies owns two separate companies, both founded under the same umbrella. Adservio ApS is a consultancy specializing in organizational development, and Precision Grinding A/S is a PropTech using original AI technology to remove old joints between bricks. 

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Urban office: BLOXHUB
Want to get in touch? 
We are easy to find

Store Kongensgade 40 D, 3

København K, 1264 

+45 28 19 11 11

Anpartsselskabet Landnam

CVR-nr.: 20926481

From 2023 we can also be found

at BLOXHUB, Copenhagen

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